Monday, 24 January 2011

Twenty Four: Steve should never have gone to Paris

The scientists faced the universal kilogram, bowled over by the weight of its reverential mass. With clipboards and white coats they scrutinised its features. They viewed it almost like an ancient, once majestic beast losing its power. What had happened to the master kilogram, they asked each other in hushed voices. Why was it losing weight?

Silence, scribbling. Silence.

And then, from the back, a voice piped up like a mouse raising its head from shelter.

“If the master kilogram continues to get lighter and if the world continues the way it’s going…”

The rest of the scientists turned to face the owner of the voice, ears pricked to its reasonable tones. The owner shuffled, uncomfortably.

“… Erm, I mean, if you think about it, people will be more obese than ever before but actually weigh less. Funny, innit?”


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