Friday, 14 January 2011

Fourteen: For Vin

Multi storey car parks are classy places, but it was ultimately where she ended her Campari Quest; a mountainous adventure for that elusive almondy elixir, unaviablable in the aisles of ASDA, Tescos, Morrisons or other well known supermarkets.

But here she was after scouring the land, exhausting every big name supermarket chains and the small, hidden shops she found on her trips in between them. It had come to this, the secret Campari man in a van, doling out doses of the precious liquid.

The grey sky rolled past them: bottle and money were exchanged. She scurried home with her precious cargo and it was only when she got there, bottle steadied above her glass that she noticed the post it note: “I think you can get it in House of Fraser. x”

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