Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Not everyone knows about it, but deep in the recesses of every human mind lies a portal to a far away land. It may or may not contain dinosaurs, depending on your viewpoint of dinosaurs and how sociable they are feeling on the occasion you visit them.

Sigmund Freud knew about it; he discovered it by accident, but opted to keep it a secret from the world on the grounds that, “I’ve shocked them enough already. They’re going to start thinking I’m being silly soon.”

Anyone in a coma knows about it, although if you know anyone who has ever been in a coma they will point blank deny this knowledge. This is because they are made to sign confidentiality agreements when they arrive.

Alice knew about it. What else could Wonderland be? I like to imagine she only dictated her memoirs to Mr. Dodgson and all the while he tentatively expressed his fears.

 With all due respect, people are going to make the most dreadful gossip out of this, Alice.”

And of course I know about it.

But I only use it as a place to hide my midget gems.


  1. Your art and things are amazing. Honestly. This shouldn't just be a 100 day thing.. it should be a forever thing. It makes my day better!

  2. Ohhh thank you man! Maybe I'll just carry on posting them to you after I'm done...