Saturday, 9 April 2011

Seventy Six

When the world discovered God, he had a few questions to ask them.

"How did you find me?" Asked God, like a child in a game of hide and seek, "Why did you believe I actually existed?"

"Well," said the earthly representatives, "The evidence was overwhelming. Some of the naturally occurring stuff on earth is too perfect not to have any kind of designer."

They opened their bags and threw out an assortment of objects including bananas and loofahs. God teased the loofah between nondescriptly gendered fingers and made a contemplative sort of noise, kind of like a, 'hummmmmm'.

"What do you use these for, then?" asked God.

"As a sort of sponge, of course. That's what you made it for, isn't it?" replied the earthly representatives.

"That's bloody good that is," said God, genuinely astounded, "I actually thought you should use hedgehogs, but this is much better."

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